And We’re Back!

Oh my heavens, it’s a blog post! Yes, children, I’ve finally got the internet and a rudimentary computer setup (I have no battery for my Macbook, so I’m tethered to the outlet. Boo.) so I can tell you all about the fact that I’ve been reading a lot of books. And I mean a LOT of books. There’s this thing call the library that Mister E and I have been visiting and it has been quite lovely. Let me tell you all the things I’ve read in the last three weeks.

  • The Kid, by Sapphire
  • Duma Key, by Stephen King
  • Supreme Courtship, by Christopher Buckley
  • Bag of Bones, by Stephen King
  • Fool, by Christopher Moore
  • 11/22/63, by Stephen King
  • A Bride’s Story 1-3 by Kaoru Mori
  • Three Shadows, by Cyril Pedrosa

I’m going to tell you more about 11/22/63 later – probably tomorrow – but for now let’s focus on the joy I am feeling at being able to watch Giant Bomb again with my husband and being able to get back to my blog. I can’t promise it’s going to be interesting, but at least I’ll be writing something.

Our time in Fort Worth was extremely fun and interesting, so I’m sure I’ll be telling you all about that too. Also, I started playing Persona 3, had a meltdown at the store, got put on even more medications and am in side-effect limbo right now. Yeah, I know. Thrilling. For now I’m just going to bask in the residual glow that comes after the deep sadness what occurs after you’ve finished a long book. You know what I mean. Stick with a book for 840 pages and you start to feel a little lonely when it’s over. Then, once the loneliness goes away you’re ready to talk about the book and how great it is. And let me tell you, it is great.

Also, the cat peed on our bed and there are Halloween Creme (Screme!) Eggs in the world. It’s good to be back.


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