The Cop Out

So I ended up not breaking up with Persona 3. Instead, I decided to think about it rationally and came up with a very good solution. Copping out by starting over and playing it on Easy difficulty.

There is one big reason for this. I’m really not in it to achieve some lofty battle goal, I want to see the story unfold. I like the story and where it seems to be going, and I like the characters. I think I’d be pretty happy with a visual novel type experience like Persona 4 Arena with occasional battles, as a matter of fact. Like most other JRPGs, the battles to me are necessary but secondary because I really love the stories they tell.

Apparently the differences between the Easy and Normal games are pretty big. There’s very little grinding necessary from what I’ve heard (not a problem with me, I don’t mind grinding) and you get 10 items that allow you to continue if you die instead of just being sent back to the opening movie. Although I have heard that unless you’ve really screwed up your armor or Personas, the chances of dying from a one-shot or similar are pretty low.

I was only 15 hours into the game anyway, so it wasn’t like I was losing a terrible amount of progress and I don’t mind seeing the story up to then again. It’s not that I mind anything in particular about the mechanics of the game or the battles in general (except that Reaper bastard), I just wasn’t having very much fun knowing that if I died I was going to have to play an entire scenario over again. If I’d had those continue items, it would have been a lot more fun because I could have just tried again instead of being tossed back to the start.

That’s pretty much my entire reason for starting over on Easy, as a matter of fact. I’ll probably still grind and I’ll use the strategy I would have used before, fuse the good Personas and weapons, do Elizabeth’s requests and everything, but I’ll be able to continue if something terrible happens (three times) like it did with the second full moon.

I also thought to myself “if I’m having this much trouble with the second full moon, I’ll never make it through the other ones.” And that was enough to make me depressed for days. I had heard that Persona 3 was much less forgiving than Persona 4 and I discovered that to my immense sadness. When I play Persona 4, I’ll have to make the big decision whether I want to play it on Easy or Normal, but that’s a question for another time.

So yeah, I’m copping out. It happens. Like I said, I just want to see the story and have fun playing the game. I think I’ll be able to do that now.


2 thoughts on “The Cop Out

  1. Are you playing the original Persona 3? Or Persona 3 Portable (PSP)? Been thinking of picking up the portable one since it’s on the Playstation Store as a digital download. I started Persona 2: Innocent Sin on the PSP and thought it was pretty good.

    • Persona 3 FES on the PS2. They happened to have it at Gamestop when we went in to look around and Eli bought it for me. It’s supposed to have a great story that I haven’t gotten into yet so I’m holding out hope that it starts getting good after I get past the second moon boss.

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