My Civic Duty

We went and voted early this morning.

We both voted for Obama, though I think you could probably have already guessed (hint: it’s not the party that wants to take away women’s rights) that if you read this blog with any regularity. Well, before recent events anyway.

We discovered that one of the early polling places was the library where we regularly go, and where I had some books waiting for me in the pickup section. I had requested them a week ago and magically they appeared in my email, telling me to come get them in 6 days or I’d never see them again. “Two birds with one stone!” said Mister E this morning.

I was particularly pleased to see that our library was one of the places because it meant I was much less likely to have a panic attack in a room full of strange people, and by extension that I wouldn’t need to take an Ativan to get through the process. Although we almost did need drugs to get us through the parking lot situation and the rain.

The line wasn’t very long but I worried the whole time because we didn’t have our voting cards. I didn’t want to get up there and be turned away, but it ended up not being a problem because we had our driver’s licenses. They scanned them and I was all set to get in front of a machine that looked like a giant PIN pad with no stylus.

I’m not sure I trust those voting machines and I know that since I live in Texas I basically walked through water and mud for no reason in regards to the Presidential Election, but we also voted on a number of things including judges and tax assessors, many of which had only Green or Libertarian candidates going against the Republicans.

So yup, we voted. Which means that if the other guy wins we officially have license to bitch for the next four years. Democracy!


One thought on “My Civic Duty

  1. I don’t know like the trickery we are finding in our voting system. It is not enough to know how you stand, It isn’t even enough to be extremely careful and well informed. The out and out open fraud makes our political system almost pointless.

    This year I am left voting a straight Democratic ticket without any possibility of doing otherwise. I would vote for a Republican that I saw as fair and honest but now it’s impossible to find one sense they have totally taken over the internet we can’t know the truth about anyone anymore.

    The Republican party is now run by people who are not Republicans…they are Terrorists! The kind that says we don’t care that YOU PAY US to represent you we have our own agenda. We don’t care if you have a job. We don’t care if you can feed your family. We don’t care about anyone who doesn’t already have money. Dishonesty doesn’t matter, Fairness doesn’t matter. YOU DON’T Matter!


    My vote is my way of saying that I don’t like that way of doing business.

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