Cold Snap!

My dose of happy for the day is that it’s suddenly turned cold in Lamesville! We’re talking 50’s in the daytime and 40’s at night, a real live cold snap!

I love when it gets cold because it means we get to sleep with the patio door open (the screen stays shut because of cats and murderers) and let the house get cold naturally. I like it cold when I’m sleeping; I’ve never been able to sleep when I’m too warm, yet I always need to have a blanket over me. It’s some sort of psychological thing, I’m sure, just like not being able to sleep naked.

It usually gets cold in Texas around this time of year, and oddly enough it usually does it right around this week in October. I’m just happy the weather didn’t break with tradition because I love when it’s sunny and cold at the same time. It’s lovely!

What’s your happy for today? Come on, you’ve gotta have something! Go on over to Band Back Together and share your joy, we’d love to hear from you!


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