Take That, Full Moon Boss!

Insert copious maniacal laughter here. After copping out and restarting Persona 3 on Easy, I finally got back to where I was and beat that damned boss that was making me hit my head on the coffee table! I’m sure it helped that I was a full two levels higher than the last time I tried too. I still wish I could have skipped all the cutscenes and assorted related nonsense that was involved in getting to the actual fight but it doesn’t matter anymore because I am now officially past that roadblock. Next stop: the floor 36 guardian. Let’s hope my favorite Persona is strong enough to take it out because I’m really not looking forward to being let down again so quickly.

That is my entire happy. Yes, I know it was a tragic one but I just about danced around the living room when I beat it last night and there were many, many fist pumps. Only ten more big bosses to go. Let’s hope I’m able to keep up the leveling and beat the hell out of the ones to come as well!

What’s your happy for today? Come on, you’ve gotta have something! Go on over to Band Back Together and share your joy, we’d love to hear from you!


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