Post Election Cheer

Well, it’s finally over! With a projected 332 electoral votes, Obama has won the 2012 Election. Hooray!

Last night I didn’t intend to watch the election because I was certain I didn’t need the stress, but now that we have 5 channels of cable (it came with our internet) I turned it on to see where things were sitting. And when I turned it on, Romney was up. I kept trying to turn it off but Mister E said he wanted to watch it for a little while before work so we watched it and listened to the MSNBC analysis.

Hours later, I was still up watching it when they announced Obama’s win and showed his people shouting and cheering while the atmosphere in Boston was decidedly subdued. I was still watching it when Rove started throwing his tantrum and when Donald Trump started suggesting revolution. And I was still watching it at 1:00 AM when Romney made his concession speech and I was still watching at 1:30 when Obama made his acceptance speech. They were both good speeches, though Romney’s was about a quarter as long as Obama’s. I finally went to bed right after they dropped the confetti over the Obamas and Bidens because I was exhausted.

So many things happened last night that were wonderful for women too. The jerks I collectively refer to as the “Rape Brothers” were all ousted or not elected, and Elizabeth Warren, Tammy Duckworth and Tammy Baldwin were all elected, with the latter becoming the first openly gay senator. Also a victory! Texas had an hilarious race between Gallegos and Canseco that went back and forth from 51/49% to 52/48% between the candidates all night with neither of them willing to concede, and finally Gallegos (the Democrat) won at about 3 AM.

We also won in Lamesville, where a teeny sales tax increase will be funding Pre-K. Marijuana legalization was passed in Washington and Colorado too, though not in Arkansas, and Maryland, Maine and Washington passed marriage equality. All of these things are great for the country, because common sense tells us that is tobacco is legal, marijuana should be as well (in small amounts) and that everyone should have the right to marry if they so choose.

I generally don’t discuss politics and I’m about to stop right now, but I’d like to say that I’m pleased with the way America voted last night in so many ways. Whether you agree or not is your business but all I have to say is that if you don’t like weed, don’t smoke any. And if you don’t like same-sex marriage, don’t get married to someone of the same sex. It’s just that easy and neither thing should be any of our business.

Now let’s all forget about the divisiveness of the presidential election and get back to the real business of arguing over every little thing that tries to be passed by the House and Senate. Because America.


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