My Kingdom for Some Loathing

Mister E plays a free online game called Kingdom of Loathing, which I introduced him to several years ago. He’s been playing it all this time because he really enjoys it and can play it in about an hour or so (you get a set amount of turns each day) when he gets home from work. I decided the other day to start playing it to give myself something to do in the afternoon while he’s asleep besides play Persona 3.

I used to play it when I lived in College Station and can’t quite remember why I stopped, but I’ve started playing it again and it’s super-fun! I’ll probably never get as into it as he does, but it’s definitely something fun to do to kill an hour (more if I fiddle with my inventory and make food). So I’m going with it as my dose of happy for today!

What’s your happy for today? Come on, you’ve gotta have something! Go on over to Band Back Together and share your joy, we’d love to hear from you!


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