Hair Farm, Revisited

The fact that I’m sick of my hair isn’t news in our house. It seems like every week I swear I’m going down to my favorite hair shop (Doo or Dye) and having it chopped off because I can’t stand it being this long anymore.

Here’s the thing: I’m growing my hair out for Locks of Love. I do this periodically because I’m lazy and don’t like to bother with keeping my hair trimmed, so I’ll get my hair cut once and then let it grow out. I figure since I’m letting it grow I might as well do something nice for other people in the process.

This is the longest I’ve had my hair in years. It’s currently past my bra strap, which means I’m going to be able to donate the minimum 10 inches for sure and maybe more. The problems with it being this long include that it gets tangled and I have to make sure to brush it constantly so it doesn’t get damaged, when it’s wet it takes most of the day to dry, and that washing it takes a really long time because of its length. I have to walk around with a towel on my head for at least an hour after I get out of the shower because otherwise it basically sends a stream of hair down my back that is a huge pain. I know these things sound like some serious first world problems, but they’re really driving me crazy. Crazier.

So I think I’m going to find myself a nice Locks of Love salon and make an appointment to get my hair cut back to about chin length. I’d like to get it back even shorter, but I’ve gained some weight and I don’t want my face to look like an orange on a toothpick. Although, it would be nice to have it short enough to shower, wash it and be on my way.

When I lived in Chicago, my hair was super short – almost a pixie cut. My hair is naturally a little wavy, so whenever I showered I would just tousle it and let it dry and it always looked super cute. Sometimes I would use product but most of the time I just let the wind style my hair. Part of me is afraid to cut it that short again because it’ll make me miss Chicago even more, I think.

In any case, I think I’m going to be cutting my hair very soon. I was thinking of letting it continue to grow until Christmas but I can’t take it anymore. As soon as I get enough money to get my hair cut, that’s exactly what I’m going to do. Because this hair farm is getting out of control.



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