Missing Foodie Penpals

Today is the traditional Foodie Penpals reveal day and as usual I am missing the program like crazy. In case you don’t know what it is, it is a thing where you are given the name of a person to whom you will send a package of delicious snacks and food-related items. You’re supposed to spend around $20 on your penpal and they tell you the sort of things they would like to get. You get your name on the 5th of the month, then send out a package by the 15th, and on the 30th you post about all the wonderful things you got.

We stopped in August because of the wedding and how I didn’t think we’d be able to do it in all the craziness, but I just never got back into doing it. This month I think I’m going to sign up again because it’s really killing me to see everyone else’s posts about the snacks, spices, utensils, notepads and other things they’ve been getting.

I’ve gotten some great things in the past – crunchy gluten free chocolate cookies that barely survived an afternoon, honey almond butter, Russian chocolate, and those wonderful Yogavive apple chips that have become my favorite snack that I never get to have. Seriously, those things are amazing. You should try them, they’re light and crispy, and the strawberry flavored ones are like getting a new kitten.

I’m looking forward to starting up again. It’s not a huge expense for us and it’s another way of my getting in contact with the outside world, which is a good thing. And of course, I’ll be getting delicious surprise snacks from a faraway friend. The snacks are key.


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