Blue-hair in the Granny Lane

I sadly did not make it to the gym yesterday because the wet streets and rain made me too nervous. For someone who hasn’t gotten behind the wheel of a car in nine months a little rain is a huge deal. So I stayed home and watched it act stupid outside and hoped for the best for today.

My hopes were rewarded by a chilly but dry set of streets and I put my gym bag in the passenger seat so I could go to the gym for the first time in nine months. The way the rows are lined up at our apartment makes it very hard to see where other cars are, so I backed out very, very, very slowly. I briefly unclenched after making it out of the parking space but was back to being a basket of nerves by the time I encountered the first speed bump.

I wasn’t used to anything about Mister E’s car, so I drove like an 80 year old woman. My paranoia got a little nudge when I saw a cop right in front of me, but I’d like to think I remained calm under pressure. I even changed lanes. Thankfully, the gym is on one of the main roads near our house and no freeways were involved. I don’t think I’m ready for freeways.

The gym was very calming. I’d never been to this location before so I walked around like a yokel for a few minutes before finding the double rows of treadmills and the circuit training area, my target. I warmed up, did my 30 minute circuit (the weight machines were all terrifying-looking, by the way) and cooled down. Then I went over to where they had two big massage recliners and partook of the joy that is a machine kneading your lower back. I should have asked for two tokens instead of just one.

Going home was a little easier, though backing out was still kind of terrifying. I’m going to start parking far away from main aisles so I don’t have to deal with as much terror. It’s better for me to walk anyway. At least I don’t have snow to contend with like I did in Wisconsin. Then again, snow in Texas might keep everyone else away.

For now, I’m just excited and happy that against some odds I actually drove today! I feel a little like a teenager again. Now that I can drive I want to go everywhere! Tomorrow I’m going to start training for the 5K. We’ll see how my next big driving adventure goes.


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