One of the things I wanted to do when I got a job was transition myself to not eating meat because I thought it was going to cost more to eat a (mostly) plant-based diet. But I wasn’t able to wait and when we went grocery shopping Sunday I bought everything for a whole slew of vegetarian and vegan dishes. I have several meatless cookbooks from when I lived in Chicago and I looked up some new dishes on Clean Eating’s website and just couldn’t stop myself.

Mister E is an omnivore in every sense of the word – if it stands still long enough and isn’t actively rotting, he’ll ingest it. His cat is the same way, which is why we don’t have nice blinds anymore. He’s a little concerned that he won’t be filled up with the vegetarian fare, so I suggested that he buy a pack of chicken breasts to use as a main protein for himself. We had burger night last night; he bought a bag of those ready-to-heat burgers and I got a box of Boca burgers. It worked out quite well, just as it did when Special K and I did it in Wisconsin.

Also, I love cooking. I have missed cooking and look forward to doing more of it since our eating out options are limited by my choice of diet. That’s not to say I don’t have options. One of our favorite places has a portabella mushroom panini that is heaven on a plate, and even Five Guys has a veggie burger. But we’ll be eating more at home now, which will be easier on both our budget and our bodies. Mister E’s dad and stepmom gave us the Gay Blades I’ve been wanting for some time for Christmas, and I’ve already used them to make last night’s dinner with excellent results. Mister E loves the tomato knife in particular, even though we’re still not sure what those tines on the end are for.

When I say “mostly” I mean that I intend to continue eating fish on occasion. It’s too expensive to eat fish on a regular basis but the occasional bit of sushi as a treat is still on my plate. I think the phrase “pesco-vegetarian” is silly, though, so I’m going with semi-vegetarian. I still refuse to eat lobster because they are the roaches of the sea, and conch is off the menu because I met a horse conch that was soft and nice. And no it was not a hallucination, this was a real horse conch.

What brought this on? I’ve been thinking about it seriously for some time because I’ve been trying to get a little deeper into my Buddhist practice and Buddha taught that the eating of meat is not in the spirit of preventing suffering to other creatures, and that vegetarianism is linked to compassion for others. There are many Buddhists who don’t follow a vegetarian diet, which is fine, and there are Buddhists like me who choose a mostly vegetarian diet, while still others choose to go completely vegan. Each person chooses his or her own path, and no one person can tell another how to achieve enlightenment. The most important thing is that even a little less suffering in the world is less than there was before.

On the menu for tonight – Quinoa and White Bean Chili!


3 thoughts on “Semi-Vegetarian

  1. Ooooh Imma make that chili!

    Congrats on the switch! My gf is an omni but now eats vegan 70% of the time at home because I’m there so often. She has grudgingly admitted it makes her feel better physically. I remain vegan, though not as strict as I once was. We both thought for sure we would never last but it turns out that it’s not as big of a deal as we had anticipated (though sometimes finding restaurants is a little tough).

    You should check out the Fat Free Vegan blog. She’s got some great recipes. And anything by Robin Robertson. I especially love Vegan on the Cheap and her new slow cooker cookbook.

    • The chili needs some work, it came out kind of bland. I’m thinking of switching water for veg broth, adding an extra can of beans and sauteing the bell peppers with some onions next time.

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