The Saga of the Escort Continues

So The Dad finally talked to the mechanic yesterday about the car and they determined that if they replace the timing belt, the car should run. There may still be some damage to the engine valves (I still don’t know exactly what this means, but since The Dad does, I’m not going to lose any sleep over it), which means it won’t run perfectly but it’ll still run. Which sounds a lot like me at the gym, come to think of it.

Since he really doesn’t want to drive down here to take my car up to Ft. Worth, he told them to replace the timing belt and see if that makes things better. He then called me to tell me it would be a few days before the car was done and that we’d worry about possible valve problems when they get the damn thing running. I am fully on board with this plan because as much as I love Mister E, I don’t love driving his car. There are a number of problems with it that we just don’t have the money to repair and it would be nice to have a car that doesn’t make a high-pitched whining sound or a variety of groans when I drive it to the gym.

After I talked to The Dad, I realized that neither he nor the mechanic mentioned the horn. While I understand that it’s not the thing that we’re all worried about right now, it will impact my ability to get the thing inspected once it’s running. And it’s going to need to get inspected and registered before I’m comfortable driving it any real distance (such as for job hunting). So I called The Dad back and asked if he’d call the mechanic about fixing the horn too. He then told me to call the mechanic, at which point I reminded him that if I called the mechanic I would then have to call him back so I could ask about the price, and then call the mechanic again to tell him yes or no about fixing the horn. When I put it that way he seemed a lot more willing to call.

All in all, it looks like I’ll have my car back within the next couple of weeks. Then all I have to worry about is getting her roadworthy and changing my name, and I’ll be all set to look for a job. This is both exciting and scary!


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