The Dad, The Car, and Everything

Sweet jelly jesus, I’m ready for this to be over.

The good news: after more than a year of sitting around collecting acorns, my car is finally mobile again! They called Thursday and told me it was ready. They also told me the price, at which point I almost had a heart attack. That would be the bad news. I thought The Dad had already okayed the estimate so I said I’d pick the car up on either Friday or Monday and called him to tell him the price.

APPARENTLY after the last time he talked to the mechanic he asked them to call with an estimate for a couple of other things that it needed to run. He said that no one ever called him back, they just did the work. Then when I told him how much it was, he asked how the bill went from $500 to $1000 and I said I didn’t know because he was the last one to talk to them.

At the time, I was walking with Mister E on the trails so I wasn’t able to look up the prices for the parts like he wanted and I told him I would do it when I got home and wasn’t sweating all over my phone in 93% humidity. Then he got off topic and started asking me questions about getting a new phone. I swear sometimes I think The Dad needs to be medicated, too. Then he went back to telling me how brakes work.

Oh yeah, the brakes.

According to the mechanic, the brakes need replacing but because I don’t remember any squealing or grinding the last time I drove it (14 months ago). According to The Dad, I should be able to replace them myself. I have been advised by Mister E’s mom’s husband to get a Chilton manual for my car – which the library has and is transferring to our branch even as we speak – and that he’ll let me use his tools and help me out. I wonder if I should maybe change the oil while I’m under there. You heard me, I’m gonna do maintenance to it. Possibly also science.

Tomorrow we are going to pick it up after The Dad talks to the mechanic about the price and not being told the estimate. I told him that it’s between him and the mechanic, so he’s going to call them before I go over there. Honestly, I’m ready to just get my car back and call it a day but then I have the registration, the inspection, the insurance…

I wish we had a mass transit system like we did in Chicago. I didn’t have a car there and it was so lovely. Oh well.

This is rapidly turning into a car blog and I don’t like it. I think I’ll let the cat do a post again.


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