We picked up my car yesterday and joy of joys, it’s running! I even drove it to the gym after we picked it up! It’s so nice to see my own key on the ring again, right beside the house key, the travel safety mini-amulet and my keytag for the gym.

That’s not to say it’s running perfectly. It’s a little chuggy and vibrates more than I remember, but the last time I drove it was in November of 2011. The brakes are definitely in need of some changing, as is the oil, coolant and everything liquid inside my car, but it’s driveable and ready for action. Sort of. I need to get it registered and find a way to get it inspected, get insurance on it again, and generally make sure the cops don’t have any reason to haul me away if they pull me over.

As I expected, The Dad made a call to the mechanics. He didn’t tell me what they said to one another but when they were through, the bill was almost $200 less than what they told me on the phone. $100 for spark plugs? I could have done it myself for $20. They did have to put in a new battery, though. All in all, I’m just glad to be finished with this part of it.

I was so excited after I picked it up that I went and ran it through a car wash on my way home from the gym. It was a cute little place with a bee on the sign and free vacuums for the floorboards, and I think I’ll be patronizing them again in the future because it was quite a pleasant experience being inside the car while the auto wash does its thing. It’s a little like “It’s A Small World” but with more indie rock.

Next step, registration. Then, the world!


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