I’ll Show You

My 15 year old cat let me know that she needed to use the computer again, so it’s another guest post by Mima. Enjoy.
– Geekerella

By now, the woman I call “Mom” has discovered my displeasure. It’s unendingly hilarious to watch her desperately search the living room for the source of the smell while her video game is paused on the screen, getting more and more frantic as the battle music plays on repeat. I like that music, so it’s an extra bonus for me.

You may be wondering why I chose the couch to serve as my litter box when we have two perfectly clean boxes in a comfortable location. Perhaps you don’t have cats. That’s not a problem we have in this house. And it is that lack of a problem that has made me move from my warm spot on the recliner to voice my opinion on the matter.

You see, I overheard Mom and Dad talking the other day and it seems we’re getting another cat. Apparently they have a friend whose daughter is moving and can’t take the cat because her mother is allergic. I heard them talking about it in their most serious voices, the kind you hear when both people are concerned that the other might be upset by whatever they’re saying. Nothing good ever comes of those voices.

I could care less about this cat’s situation. I’m very sorry that her human can’t keep her anymore – I was dumped in a parking lot when someone decided they didn’t want me, so I really do feel for her there. I just don’t understand why she has to come and live in my house. No, wait, I do know why.

Because Mom and Dad are suckers.

There is always the possibility that this won’t be as horrible as I’m thinking. Mom tells me that she’s 10 years old, which hopefully means that she wouldn’t behave like my youngest brother and sister. I can’t get a minute’s rest when those two are after each other because it usually means that I’m going to be harassed at some point. All I know is that there’s going to be one more face trying to shove itself in my bowl of kibble and I’m not happy.

I will keep you updated on the situation as it happens, probably while Mom is scrubbing the couch.


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