Texas Recommendation: Thundercloud Subs

If you don’t eat meat, you often have to deal with some less-than-stellar food options when you eat out. If you’re vegan, the options narrow even further. Unless you’re going to a restaurant that specifically caters to the meatless eater, you’ll probably end up ordering a plate of sides. Not at Thundercloud Subs!

Even though you can get a vegetarian sub at places like Subway, they tend to be pretty unimpressive. Rather than go for anything special, it feels like they added to the menu as an afterthought, and the result is a sandwich that is basically just their regular fare minus the meat. It’s boring and sad.

By comparison, Thundercloud’s Veggie Delite is packed with goodies. You can choose cream cheese or hummus for your protein (both are delicious), and it’s also got avocado, olives, and sprouts in addition to their usual toppings and special Thundersauce. It’s an actual menu choice, not something you have to settle for. Also, all their nutrition information is posted online so you know what you’re getting into. They also offer a hot sub with a meatless chick’n patty if that’s more your speed!

Also, all of their nice, soft bread is vegan. So if you choose hummus instead of cream cheese, you have a healthy vegan option that doesn’t taste like they just swept all the leftover toppings onto a roll. Some of their locations even offer gluten-free bread! And they’re local if you live in South/Central Texas, so you can feel better about eating there as opposed to a national chain.

They’re also quite reasonable when it comes to the price. Most of their subs are less than $5, with some of them as low as $3.49, depending on the weekly specials. All in all, it’s a great place to eat if you’re in the mood for a sandwich and don’t want to be stuck with a load of sides again.

I meant to write this last week when we ate there but I didn’t get around to it. But tomorrow is Round Two at the Social Security office, so we’re going to eat there again. This time I’ll probably get hummus (last week it was cream cheese), and Mister E has his eye on the pastrami. Good times.


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