Happy Birthday to Me!

Today is my birthday! As The Dad has been pointing out every two days for the last two weeks, I’m turning 34 today. There will be very little fanfare, admittedly, but I’m pleased to report that I’ve survived another year. Barely.

I remember being a little kid and being super-excited about going to Casa Bonita or Crystal’s Pizza (neither of which exist in North Texas anymore, boo.) for my birthday because it usually involved skee-ball and video games, a tradition that continued when I started going to the mini-golf/arcade for birthdays. The fact that I had few friends to invite never stopped me because you only need one other person to play King of Fighters.

As I got older I started doing the whole “sleepover” thing. I’d invite four or five girls over and we’d watch movies or find some odd thing to do for a night. One year M and I went to a place called the Gypsy Warehouse and bought about five pounds of assorted beads, wire and clasps, dumped them out on the floor in the second bedroom and spent several hours with our friends trying to make jewelry. It was really fun, especially when a small fight broke out over the last clay bead.

Now I get excited if someone says they’re taking me out to eat, or sends me a 10% off coupon for a bookstore on my birthday. It’s more about the gesture than anything – someone saying “congratulations on not dying!” or something like it makes me feel special.

Mister E decided to be a butt-butt this year and ask me “if you could have any one thing for your birthday, what would it be?” My answer was “new running shoes, but I’ll settle for the new volume of Umineko,” as I am unlikely to get a pair of $80 running shoes with our budget woes. I’m not even getting a gift from The Dad, thanks to everything that occurred with my car, but I’d rather have the freedom to drive to the gym than just about anything else.

I know for sure that I’ll be getting at least one heartfelt happy birthday from a friend today. My friend Lynda and I have our Super Special Birthday Club, which consists of her, me, Darwin and Lincoln. Every year we send each other FB messages congratulating each other on being members of the SSBC and remembering old times of getting completely roasted and watching Margot and the Nuclear So and So’s, then stumbling into the night to find vegan pancakes at 2 AM. It’s a great club.

There will be one special gift in my future, I know for sure. RJ got us tickets to the Ra Ra Riot concert in Austin next Wednesday and I’m going to use my brand new spiffy car to drive up there and see it. I told him I wanted to go get okonomiyaki at a food truck called Osaka Soul and he said it would be cool. I’m looking forward to seeing him again, possibly going to Rio Rita with the girls, and running at a different gym for a couple of days. A mini vacation, if you will, before I go in to get sterilized and then out into the world to find a job.

So I’m definitely happy that it’s my birthday! If you wanted to sing a little song for me in your head, that would be right lovely of you. I’m currently partial to “Dance With Me” by Ra Ra Riot.


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