Beta Love

rrrbetalovecoverSo now that it’s been out a little while and I’ve had a chance to listen to it on repeat for a while, add it to every running mix I’ve created, and pick out my favorite songs, I suppose I should tell you how I feel about Ra Ra Riot’s new album, Beta Love. It might come as a shock to you, but I love it.

I wasn’t sure I’d like it, though.

As we have previously established through an exhaustive inspection of my music collection, I tend to go for bands and singers whose music feature strings, such as Blue October and Andrew Bird. When I first heard Ra Ra Riot, it was the string section in their song “Dying is Fine” that caught my attention. So when I heard that Alexandra, their cellist, was leaving the band I was heartbroken and concerned.

However, we have also previously established that I love Ra Ra Riot. Hell, part of my beloved Bucky tattoo are the words “Skin and Claw,” a reference to their song “Ghost Under Rocks.” So even though the article said that their new album was going to be more synth-based, I resolved to give them the benefit of the doubt because they’re one of my all-time favorites. When “Beta Love” was released as a single in November, I gritted my teeth and pressed play.

It was wonderful.

I was immediately hooked and ended up listening to it so many times that I think Mister E even knows the lyrics. Every new single that they released on Spotify was on perma-play. As soon as they put the entire album up on Youtube, I started listening to all of the songs in the same way. I just could not (and cannot) get enough of this album.

The synths and violin work beautifully together, and the frantic beats that populate the majority of the album get into your head and make you want to dance, no matter where you are. I have to remind myself that I’m not allowed to have a dance party on the treadmill when “Dance With Me” comes on. Every. Single. Time. The lyrics are a little different than previous albums; science fiction inspired with a lot of emphasis on artificial intelligence and the capability of machines to feel, but I still get that straight-to-the-heart feeling that gives me goosebumps from them.

Beta Love is an awesome album. Why haven’t you stopped reading yet to go listen to it?

Since I already posted “Dance With Me” yesterday, I’ll put up “Beta Love” so you can get hooked too. Then go buy their album or go to a show, like I will be next week. Trust me, they’re awesome.


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