On Holiday: Shoe Shopping

The day after the concert, RJ was off work and just as excited as I was to be loose in the Capitol. There were hundreds of things to do, sights to see, things to eat. So we went shoe shopping.

I dislike shopping for clothes, and shoes are in the same boat. I have a pair of brown loafers I’ve been wearing since I bought them in Chicago and if it wasn’t for the fact that the insoles are starting to come apart I would keep wearing them until they died. RJ rejected my reality and substituted one of his own making in which we went to several stores in search of new shoes for me.

We started our journey at Lakeline Mall, which he and I hadn’t been to since I was in college, and looked at various shoe specialty stores. I rejected everything we saw except one cute pair of shoes that they didn’t have in my size. I also tried to talk him into some moccasins, which he informed me he would not be subsidizing. So we continued on, leaving the mall with its food court and smooth jazz music.

On our way out we saw a photo booth that looked fun, so we popped inside and paid $5 for the privilege of taking goofy pictures from terrible angles. We were looking forward to seeing how the obnoxious colored frame we chose looked in person, but the photo booth decided that it disliked our pictures so much that its programming crashed and sent the interface to blue screen heaven. Needless to say, we did not get our $5 back.

Our next stop was DSW, where there were rows upon rows of shoes for sale and RJ was ready to make me try on every one. I held up a couple I liked from the Clearance rack that he immediately vetoed because he thought they were ugly. We moved on to the running shoes because he knew I was looking for a new pair. I told him I only wanted New Balance shoes because I know what size, last, and style I want, and he assured me they carried them there. And so they did.

The Ugliest Shoe in the World

This was my winner for Ugliest Shoes of 2013. I know it’s a little early in the year for such a thing and running shoe manufacturers have plenty of time to come up with new and terrible color combinations, but this really does look like someone melted down a box of crayons and dropped them in a shoe mold. Even the laces are atrocious.

We moved away from the running shoes and to the flats where I finally found a cute pair of black ones with a little buckle on them that RJ proclaimed made my legs look longer. Even though this is physically impossible, I liked the shoes and we took them along with us. He refused to buy me any argyle socks, though.

So now I have a new pair of fancy shoes! While he was at work, I also cut all the loose strings off the brown loafers I’ve been wearing for four years so they look almost like they’re new as well. Double win! Now I just have to make sure I don’t wear the brown ones around him too often. Shouldn’t be too hard, since I only see him every six months or so.

I miss him already.


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