Jailbreak Wrap-Up

So, Saturday was the Jailbreak Run. I could hardly sleep the night before and I was nervous the entire way to the shooting range where the race was being held. Once I saw some of the obstacles I got even more nervous, but I was a little bit heartened to see that there were other people walking.
Before the race...

Before the race…

Not gonna lie, I walked a large portion of the time. I jogged as much as I could, but when I got to the hills my stamina failed me. Probably this is because I usually jog on the treadmill with no incline. I did manage to run up two hills but when I got to the top I had to walk. I am comforted by the fact that I was not the last person in my wave, and that when I had to walk, I power-walked it.
Part of the walking had to do with the fact that I found some of my friends there and when they said “don’t worry, we’re slow too” I didn’t think they meant they planned to walk almost the entire way. I split up with them around Mile One because I wanted to do some more jogging, and when I looked back they were nowhere in sight. I felt a little bad leaving them behind, but I felt a little better running when I could.


I think the cargo net climb may have been the scariest thing I’ve ever done. I was shaking the entire time, afraid I was going to fall, especially when I went over the top. The A-frame climb was hard because it was slick with mud, and the hay wall was hard because there were no real hand or footholds, but the cargo net was just plain frightening. Imagine trying to climb up a rope ladder that’s moving and wobbling underneath you, and trying to do it in muddy, slick running shoes. By the time I made it over, I was kind of lightheaded.

There was a whole lot of mud, let me tell you. The first obstacle was a “pond crossing” that was a lot more like a bog crossing in knee deep mud, then we were supposed to climb a hill. A lot of people, including me, slid right back down that hill. Then we had to come around and cross through it again, then climb up another hill. There was an obstacle where they sprayed water down on you like a fire hose, which made the ground around it into dirt soup. There was a slip-n-slide that was 85% muddy water and ended in a mud puddle. The final obstacles were a mud crawl, then rolling through sand to get to the finish line. Oh, and a drainage pipe filled with muddy water.

...after the race.

…after the race.

After 3 miles of jogging, climbing, slipping, carrying concrete weights and sliding down things, I made it to the last obstacles. There was a banner marking how low you had to crawl through the mud pit to get across, then more banners that you had to roll under. When I made it to my feet, I was so dizzy that I ended up staggering across the finish line to receive my medal of honor.

Finisher's Medal

Later on, when I took off my filthy jogging pants, I discovered that my knees were bruised, scraped and cut. I have a bit of road rash on my upper arm where I tried (and failed, sadly) to climb the tire wall. There are also some little cuts on my hands and scrapes on my ankles. These things happen when you’re crawling through drainage pipes, over gravel, and through mud pits. I’m also sunburned and my upper body is sore from climbing. I regret nothing.

All in all, it was an amazing experience and a damn good time. I plan to do it again next year, and hopefully Mister E will be able to come with me. He said it looked like fun. He was right.

Oh, and on the way home from lunch – paninis at Hearthstone – I bought a cheapie frame and put my muddy race bib into it, then hung it on the wall. Not even the Curse of Nines could stop me.

My next goal is the Fiesta Fandango, a 2.6 mile evening “fun run” during Fiesta in Lamesville. I’m pretty sure I’ll be able to make it, especially since I have over a month to get ready for it. Then, a real, honest-to-goodness 5K in honor of Misty.

I can do this. I’ve totally got this.


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