Half-Truths and Lies

So my dear friend BecominNeurotic has tagged me in a little game of 3+1, thereby dragging me out of my manic WRITE ALL THE FICTION mode for a minute to update my neglected blog.

Perhaps you’ve played 3+1 before. It’s also called “three truths and a lie,” if that helps. You write down three things that are true about yourself and one thing that is not, and people try to guess the answer. Because I have had so many bizarre things happen in my life, I thought this would be sort of fun. So, here we go.

* We once kept a starling in our living room.

* I bought two hundred dollars worth of manga for my birthday.

* I danced with the high school teacher I had a crush on at prom.

* Ray Bradbury gave me advice on writing.

There you have it. Leave your guesses in the comments and I’ll follow up in a couple of days. If you like, go ahead and do this on your own blog! I would love to see more about your life. ::thumbs up::

Here’s a little thinking music for you from my favorite Non-Talking Heads band, who have a new CD coming out next month. Oh yeah, you bet I’m gonna make you listen to it. You’re never gonna hear the end of it.


3 thoughts on “Half-Truths and Lies

  1. Since I don’t keep up with my own blog that much, I’ll put my 3+1here:

    * I once was a volunteer for the re-election campaign for Sen. Jesse Helms (extremely conservative R-NC)
    * I once convinced protestors at Planned Parenthood that my name was Anton LaVey, and they treated me appropriately as such — giving me a wide berth and praying at / singing at me.
    * I lead a secret double-life as a video game reviewer
    * I once was able get a nun to curse at me — twice

      • Indeed, it was hard to come up with a lie, since so many things I could have said would have been plausible.

        1) Yes, for whatever reason I was a volunteer for Jesse Helms’s 1996 re-election campaign. I was young, stoopit, and didn’t know any better. I think it was a way to rebel against the mostly liberal (oddly) teachers at my catholic high school. I’m told that to this day one can still find campaign stickers in odd places that haven’t been removed. Yes, instead of handing out the 10,000 stickers at the rally my friend and I handed out maybe 100 of them and kept the rest.
        2) I was one of the strange escorts that engaged the protestors in conversation. Mainly because I had lots of experience with that from my earlier days (I once took a failing grade for a school project where we had to make signs and attend the “Right to Life” walk — I made a sign that said “Unborn Babies Are Stupid People Too”). When one asked my name, my training kicked in where I recalled the PP folks saying that they would immediately look us up on the internet to harass us. I decided this would give them something interesting to look up, and it paid off.
        3) Yep, completely false. I owe it to my inability to finish games in a timely manner. At any given time I have 4-6 games in progress and still have close to 15 “in the queue”
        4) This dates back to a stupid incident where some friends and I decided to TP a teacher’s house, take pictures, and post it on the internet. Since this was the internet of 1997, most people had no idea what that involved. The nun (principal) was getting increasingly agitated as I kept correcting her while she was accusing me of horrible things. Such as her comment “Millions of people now know where this teacher lives since you drew a map to his house”, which earned a reply of “No, this little number down here is a counter, and it shows 100. Most of those are just me reloading the page to see if the code works. And the map is from mapquest, address from switchboard.com, both use public databases.” She then proceeded to read my page to me, including the ode to my car (known as the “shitmobile” due to it being a dark brown Volvo station wagon — a turd with wheels). The whole time the asst. principal and dean of students were behind her trying their damndest to keep from laughing.

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