iPod or Phone?

Okay, so here’s my dilemma. I need to take some tunes for Saturday’s Fiesta Fandango (I’m already hyperventilating about it) and I’m kind of having a hard time deciding what to do. So I’m asking the advice of my lovely friends on Twitter and in the blog world to help me make the tough choices.



  • lightweight
  • durable
  • don’t have to worry about OS crashing
  • easy to switch playlists


  • limited amount of music
  • no holder for it, would have to carry
  • if I break it, I’m SOL for car music

Phone (not an iPhone)


  • unlimited music choices via Spotify
  • easy to switch playlists
  • fits perfectly in old CD fanny pack


  • it’s been crashing a lot lately
  • not durable – back cover will pop off if I drop it
  • chunky and awkward to hold
  • battery life is kind of sucky

If you have any sort of input on this, I would be much obliged. After looking at the pros and cons written out I’m leaning toward my iPod but I’d still welcome any advice. I know they always tell you not to take music to a race but everyone does it and I can’t just listen to myself think. I can’t. To quote Thomas Dolby, my brain is like a sieve.

Great, now I want to listen to Thomas Dolby.


3 thoughts on “iPod or Phone?

    • I think their reasoning is that since you’re running on roads that it’s dangerous, though I don’t see the logic to that since the streets are closed. A lot of people take music anyway, though.

  1. (then again, I use open-ear bone conduction headphones — http://www.aftershokz.com/AfterShokz-Sportz-M2-Open-Ear-Headphones-p/as321.htm While a nice “side effect” in my eyes is that it makes running while listening to music much safer since your ears are open to hear ambient noise around you, I wear them since it allows me to hear in stereo — my bone conduction hearing is perfect while air conduction is near-deaf on my right side)

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