2013 Fiesta Fandango Wrap Up

Saturday evening I put on my good sports bra and went downtown for a 2.6 mile fun run called the Fiesta Fandango.SAMSUNG

To be perfectly honest, I had completely forgotten that these last two weeks were Fiesta. For those of you not in Texas or Lamesville proper, Fiesta is a two week long party that is fun if you like drinking beer and crowds. I usually spend my time hiding from it because my interests are neither. The only real Fiesta thing I’ve done was volunteer at Oyster Bake, which is exactly what it sounds like and is held on my university’s campus. Need to go to the library? Have fun with that. Want to head to the caf for dinner? Better have remembered your student ID and wristband because they will NOT let you through without them. I am speaking from experience.

But I digress.

The point is that Fiesta and I don’t get on. So I completely forgot that this was a Fiesta event until they told us we were going to be running on the parade route ahead of the Flambeau Night Parade’s vanguard. This meant that Mister E and I were thrilled to pieces about using the runners’ shuttles from Sunken Gardens. Unfortunately Google Maps and a broken-down Fiesta float turned that into a series of adventures that meant we barely got on the bus in time. Actually, separate buses. I was alone in mine so I made a friend. Her name was Cynthia.

There were way more people than I expected, some wearing costumes, some with babies in strollers. The run wasn’t officially timed, it was just for fun, so we all had the same bib number. Some people were lucky and got special black bibs supporting Boston but Cynthia and I missed out. Boo.

This was my first outdoor race (Jailbreak doesn’t count, it was on dirt and grass) and it became clear very quickly that I had made a miscalculation. I was ten minutes into the run when my shin decided it was time to start screaming in pain. I ran another couple of minutes, then had to stop and walk until the pain went away. I spent the rest of the run alternately walking and running, and I managed to suck it up long enough to run the last of the way over the finish line. My time was 35:55, which I think was pretty okay. Honestly, I was just proud of myself for finishing.


Once I’d made it over the finish line, it was time for refrescos. I was at the after-party chugging a Gatorade when I realized I had no idea how to find Mister E since we had been on separate buses and I didn’t have my phone. So what did I do? I found some really nice people in Adventure Time costumes and asked the wife to let me use her phone. She let me, I called my husband, and we found each other (and a paleta cart!). Guys. I TALKED TO STRANGERS. This is a huge thing.

When we got back to the car, there was a flyer on it for something called the Shiner Beer Run in November. Mister E’s favorite beer in the world is Shiner so he is insisting that I do it because then he will get free beer. If I can’t manage a 5K by November, it might be time to hang up my shoes.

Next month I might try to do a 5K, run/walking like I did this one.


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