Two Things!

First off, I had a working interview yesterday! That meant I had to dig out my scrubs and pray that they still fit. They did, and I didn’t even look like a sausage that popped its casing. Winning.

It was really nerve-wracking at first because I hadn’t even been in a veterinary clinic for over a year. And not in a general practice clinic for a year before THAT. So the first thing I did when I woke up was dig out my old radiology textbook and start reading until I felt I was up to par.

Right away, the other techs and I got along. We talked about where we’d worked before (one of them worked at one of the same places I worked!) and a little about our backgrounds. I helped monitor anesthesia, held for procedures, and at one point drew blood on a patient that the others couldn’t get a drop from. Winning. Again.

I came home after talking to the doc again and tried to take a nap but failed because of the bad case of nerves I had worked myself into. He said he’d let me know by Friday afternoon, so I expected a whole day of freaking out and wondering if they had someone else in mind. If you know me, this is not unusual.

I finally managed to doze off after wrapping myself in a cocoon of blankets (Mister E stole mine so I had to get another out of the closet), and I was just getting to the good part in a dream about a concert pianist when I was awakened by my MC Frontalot ringtone. I recognized the number so I leapt out of bed, ran to the kitchen and answered with my “I AM NOW COMPLETELY SOBER/NO I WAS NOT ASLEEP” voice.

I guess the interview went really well because I got the job. I start Monday at the exciting time of 7:45, at which time I’m going to get my schedule. Double-plus bonus? I told them I was going to be out of town the 17th and 18th for the Ft. Worth Music Festival and to see The Dad and they said it was cool. Woo!

I’m so excited to be working again, you guys. It means I can go to Whole Foods and get chocolate soy ice cream again. It means we can go to Minnano and buy potato croquettes again. I can buy manga. Trader Joe’s edamame. More manga. I can go to Calhoun concerts and run up another $180 bar tab feeding the guys beer and shots (I bet you can imagine the look on my face when I woke up hungover with THAT receipt in my pocket).

Serious. Excitement.

The second thing is something I put on my other blog but I figured I should put it here in case you don’t follow it. I put Minor Side Effects – a story I wrote back in 2006 before the big “zombie boom” hit – over on Smashwords for the very reasonable price of “free.” Okay, actually it’s a pay-what-you-want book, but I just want you to read the damn thing. That means you can get yourself a fun little (okay, 55,000 words) book for free! You can also pay $0.99, $5, even $20 if you’ve got money lying around and you want to help feed my cats.

If you want to try before you buy, there’s an excerpt right here. Then you can hop on over to Smashwords and get your copy for whatever loose change you might have in the cushions of your couch. No couch money? No problem! All I really want is for you to read Minor Side Effects, enjoy it, and maybe share it with a friend. It’s my way of showing my readers (of my books and my blog) my appreciation for your support, even if the support is immoral at best.


When It Rains, It Snows

So a few weeks ago I decided to spruce up my resume and start applying to jobs. It was encouraging at first. Within a day of sending out the resumes I got an interview for a nice little place close to us and I went in excited and full of promise. I have a hard time reading men, though, so I didn’t know if it went well or not but I still had hope.

I never heard back for a second interview so I assume it didn’t go very well.

I didn’t hear anything from anybody for a while after that and I was starting to get a little depressed so I looked for pet-sitting jobs on the Craig List and found a local company that was looking for someone. I applied and heard back right away, and they wanted me to interview that very evening.

This time things went well and I left thinking that if I didn’t get the job I would be amazed. All that was left to do was wait and I was sure I’d hear from them.

Then, last night, I got a call from one of the places I’d applied to the first round. He wanted to know if I was still looking for a job and I said that yes, I was. As nice as the pet-sitting job was, it would only be part-time and whenever they needed me. What our family needs right now is a steady income, though, so when the doctor asked if I could meet him right away for an interview I asked what time.

I got the idea that things went well last night. In fact, I kind of got the idea that unless my references told him I’m secretly Hitler I would get the job. My suspicions were confirmed when they called me this morning and asked if I could come in for a working interview tomorrow morning.

That wasn’t the end of it, though. A little while after that, I got a call from the pet-sitting place saying that they wanted to hire me. I sit around for weeks with no one calling or even seeming interested and now in one week I’ve got two interviews, a working interview, and a part-time job offer.

Like I said, we need the full-time job more so I called the pet-sitting lady and explained to her that I was being considered for another position but that I would still love to work for them doing overnight sitting if they needed that. She said she’d have to check her availability and wished me luck. She was so nice I feel completely guilty about it.

So tomorrow I’ve got a good shot at getting a job. I’ve got my scrubs laid out and my alarm set for the morning, and I’m already nervous, which is why I’m writing this post. Hopefully in the next couple of days I’ll be employed again. Trying not to get my hopes up, though, and think about how nice it would be if they wanted me to start next week.

Trying. Probably failing.