Tasuki Project – Jodee Rose

Here is the first piece I have received in my collection of Tasuki art. It is by the delightful Jodee Rose, who also goes by @fattieart on Twitter and is the mind behind Da Cheeseblarg, which is lovely and you should read. Once you read one post, it’s hard to stop. She not only drew him for me, she colored it too!

art by Jodee Rose 2013art by Jodee Rose 2013

I love that it’s Eikouden Tasuki. Y’know, the series where I no longer feel like a cradle robber (at least until I hit 40 and can call myself a cougar). Ahem.

Anyway, thank you Jodee!


Making An Example

Today during the tech meeting (the vibe of which was actually very positive and non-threatening), I got made an example of.

You see, I’m terrified of dental radiography. I might have mentioned this. The thought of doing dentals literally made me sick to my stomach. Whenever I saw one on the schedule I considered calling in with West Nile or something. I watched YouTube videos. I studied the dental radiography textbook. It just. Wouldn’t. Stick.

So last week there was this dental and I was as terrified as ever. They handed me the probe and told me to go to town. So I did, shaking the whole time. And that’s when the doc told me I did a good job (see yesterday’s post). The rest of the day was kind of lousy but for a couple of hours I was in my happy place.

Today at the tech meeting, we were talking about “you don’t know how much you don’t know until you need to know it.” Also about confidence. The practice manager, Mo, gave me a shout out and said that she was proud of me for stepping up and doing the rads even though I was scared. Then the head tech said that she saw my confidence this morning because we needed to do a film of the cat’s incisors and instead of fumbling around, I grabbed the probe and took the shot and that everyone should follow my example. It made me feel good.

You know how they say it takes two months for every good job to turn to shit? Well, I’m coming up on my three months and while I’ve had a lot of stressful days I feel like the overall vibe of the clinic is a good one. Our practice manager actually listens to and addresses our concerns, and she is someone I feel I can easily talk to about issues. The doc I work for is very critical and picky, but I’ve kind of got an idea of what he wants. And my coworkers are, well, respectful. No one makes fun of anyone else, whenever we laugh it’s with one another instead of at one another, and everyone works hard every day.

All I ever wanted out of a job was a place where I could work long-term and feel comfortable. I’m still hesitant to say that things are peachy because I’m seriously gun-shy, but right now I’m happy. Mostly.

You Had ONE Job.

Ha ha ha, what am I saying? Oh, right, I GOT A JOB. In case you were wondering why I never update this thing anymore, it’s because I not only got a job, it’s also because I just finished studying like a madwoman for my state exam to get back my credentials as a Registered Vet Tech. And even though I haven’t seen the results yet, I would like to go ahead and let you know that I kicked that scantron’s ASS.

The job has been going well. It has its ups and downs, like any job, and there have been some days lately that I have been pretty stressed. Friday I ate 10 Tums over the course of the day for various reasons. Immodium, Pepto, and I have become besties, as well as my Ativan and Xanax (not at the same time, you goof). I am a ball of stress, constantly worrying that I’ll make a mistake and get fired. That’s normal with experiences like mine, right?

Anyway, I have about two weeks to go before I will be through my 90 day learning period and while I am still terrified of dental radiography, the doc said he gave my last set of rads “a solid B+.” Coming from him – he’s super-hypercritical – that was like saying he was giving me a key to the clinic. (j/k, I already have a key. And an alarm code. I rule.)

Now that I’m getting paid on a regular basis, I have embarked on a project that has been in the back of my mind for a long time. I call it the Tasuki Project and it is fantastic. Basically I commission different artists to draw my beloved manga husband of (OH MY GOD) 17 years in their own styles and collect them, to be hung in my manga library like the shrine to Gen-chan that he deserves. I plan on posting them here as I get them, of course. Because why shouldn’t you be subjected to my insanity?

And now, to put on my scrubs again and go up to care for a hospitalized patient. Glamour and glitter, fashion and fame, and all that jazz.

Yes, I did just go with both Jem and Chicago. What of it?