Switching Teams

So I changed gyms the other day. It’s nothing personal against the previous gym, but when my psychiatric meteorologist told me that the one near his office had both an indoor AND outdoor pool I decided that I needed to check it out. I am possibly the world’s worst swimmer but I love being in the water in spite of my desperate fear of putting my face in it. A semi-outdoor lap pool in a Texas summer is exactly what the doctor ordered, literally.

There was something else that interested me. Classes. I have a serious love for fitness classes. Something about the instructor and the camaraderie motivates me and I was terribly interested in what they had to offer. I actually hadn’t hit the gym since I started my new job, and the location plus my schedule made it a little hard to go. This gym is – no joke – about 5 minutes from my clinic and has spin classes available before my shift. There is no longer any excuse for me not to go.

The first thing I learned is that going to the gym after work sucks. I’m tired, my feet hurt, and I smell like dog. If I go in the morning, I’m energized and ready for a day of gastric distress (shout out to my new probiotics) and inappropriate (in a good way) texts from my practice manager. Yeah, work’s still pretty good most days.

The second thing I learned is that Zumba is not for me. It ties in with the first thing, because the classes are at 7:00 PM, but the main thing is that I felt so damn awkward in it. Not only that, but there was literally no instruction. Everyone else in the class knew what to do and the leader handled the class accordingly. I didn’t enjoy it, and at the end my knees hurt. So yeah, no more Zumba for me.

My spinning class is the polar opposite in terms of enjoyment and just about the perfect environment for me at 6:00 AM. They keep the studio lights off so the only light is from the main gym coming through the windows and the music is driving and uptempo so I get the wonderful feeling of riding a bike in a cave. It’s beautiful, even if it makes my ass hurt.

Today I went to the gym after the staff meeting and started up Couch to 5K again, this time on the fancy treadmills with televisions and fans. It went pretty well, and afterward I rewarded myself with ten laps in the pool. It was pretty nice, even if I did look like a distressed seal in my beat to shit swimsuit. And yeah, I know ten laps is nothing but it took me almost 25 minutes to do them so I feel okay about it.

After yesterday’s spin class, today’s running/walking, and then swimming, my legs are pretty knackered. Tomorrow I get to go back to spin class and start the process again. Aleve is gonna be my best friend again, and I’m gonna start the Osteo Bi-flex again too. I’m grateful to RJ for giving me new running shoes, which I tried out for the first time today. They feel good. I feel good.

Maybe I’ll swim tomorrow too.


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