First World Problems


(left upper arm, front)

MC Frontalot is the greatest nerdcore rapper that has ever existed. He wrote a song called First World Problem about the “problems” that people think they have that goes a little something like this:

Your GPS ran out of battery – First World Problem
You had to wake up Saturday- First World Problem
You just delayed a honeymoon – First World Problem
Pledge season’s coming soon – First World Problem
Half your friends list is spam accounts – First World Problem
And your center channel speaker’s out – First World Problem
(I can hear that it’s not on)

The first time I heard this song was at a Frontalot concert, and he showed us some hand gestures to go along with it: 1 = First, W = World, Thumbs Down = Problems. As a fan of the song and the hashtag on Twitter, I immediately knew I needed this tattoo. It was featured on Geeky and is MC Frontalot-approved.

(Per at Dandyland Custom Tattoo, San Antonio, Texas)


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