Once is Once


(left forearm, inner)

The quote on this arm is from Death Note, and it means that you get one time without consequence. At the time, I had been bullied by the family of my ex-boyfriend, Special K and it made me cynical of trusting other people. I designed this tattoo after searching in my kanji dictionaries for the exact definition of the word “trust” that I wanted to use and settled on shinrai, which refers to trust in oneself.

I am always a little nervous when Japanese people see it because of the stigma of badly translated or poorly done kanji tattoos, but the ladies at my favorite Japanese grocery liked it a lot and were impressed with the fact I not only knew what it meant but had taken accuracy so seriously in planning it.

Interesting side note: a guy in Chicago saw this and immediately recognized it at Rick Harnowski’s work. The mark of an awesome, old-school tattoo artist.

(Rick Harnowski at Skin Illustrations – Tattoos by Rick, Green Bay, Wisconsin)


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