Miss Lazy J’s Tiny Posse

I have a friend and her name is Miss Lazy J. She’s one of those internet friends you make that are actually better than a lot of actual friends because we have all of the same interests and don’t have to smell each others’ manky boots. Also, CAT LADIES 4 LYFE.

This is her tiny posse. If you are sad, they can be your tiny posse too! Most of them don’t discriminate. Much.

I’d probably wash that spoon. It’s got cute in the bottom.

Everything is cute when it’s tiny!

Got your nose!

Come on, guess what you rolled. I’ll wait.

All of the attitude in the bittiest claws.

So small, you track him by sound. And even that’s hard.

You know you wanna kiss this nose.

So. Tell me about your Mum.



2 thoughts on “Miss Lazy J’s Tiny Posse

  1. I literally just teared up a little. I am incredibly honored not only to have to have inspired such awesomeness, but to have made a friend like you. I hope that OUR tiny posse makes the masses happy, one tiny smile at a time. ❤

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