Plans, A Novel

“I heard she used to be a big time photographer…then one day she just stopped taking pictures. Nobody knows why.”

If there was one thing Danya Biermann knew, it was that life can throw you a serious curve ball. She’d wanted to be a photographer but ended up as a lunch lady. After an unthinkable tragedy sends her into a spiral of despair, the last person she thought would be able to save her was an unusual boy at the school for gifted children where she worked. If there was one thing she should have known, it was that nothing goes as planned.

All great things start out as something small, a connection formed between two unexpected sparks, foundations built through trial and time and trust, future plans mapped out in baby steps. But sometimes an unexpected connection borne of love and faith can bring us back to ourselves and our best laid plans.

Available at:
Barnes & Noble
Coming soon on Google Books and the Google Play Bookstore!


“The story doesn’t slow down, the characters are very well written and I felt like I had known Danya for years. I highly recommend this book!” – Natalie Wadel, The Book Inn

“I can’t say that I have lost myself in a book like this in a long time and to the author I say Thank You. Wonderful read for someone that needs a romantic story. I highly recommend it.” – Lynn Kneeland, Paper Mustang

“Overall, I enjoyed the premise, characters, and the emotional pull of the story…” – Mindy Sue Oja, Reading for Sanity


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