Tasuki Project – Brittney Sabo

Let me tell you about Brittney Sabo. She is an awesome artist, really likes cats, shares my love of yaoi, has a distressing fascination with mermen, and does the webcoming All Night, which you really should be reading. Brittney enjoys anime, so she was a natural choice for this little fanart project of mine and let me tell you she did not disappoint!

Art by Brittney Sabo, 2013Thank you, Brittney! I adore it!


Little Miss S Has More Support Than a Sports Bra

I wanted to thank everyone for their wonderful comments and encouragement after yesterday’s post. I love all of you very, very much. ❤ ❤ ❤ It’s always a little worrisome for me to put stuff about my personal situation out there because I expect to hear things like “everyone’s job is like that” or “just don’t listen to them” or “you’re just looking for sympathy.”

Here is a note that I keep with me all the time. I ordered some awesome prints from Sarah Becan when I was feeling low before, and they’re wonderful. One is by her and says “Everyone Everywhere (Especially You!) Deserves to Feel Awesome” and the other is by Brittney Sabo, was colored by Sarah, and says “Every Girl Everywhere Deserves to Feel Awesome.” Because she knows my self-esteem situation, Sarah included a little note on the receipt that made me cry. I cut it out, folded it up, and keep it in my wallet for reference in times of need.


It’s hard to remember that there are people out there who care about you when you can’t see them all the time, but nearly everyone has at least one. This note is like a little hug and a reminder that I am not only awesome, I am damn near sauceome.

People I work with are jumping ship from my place of employment for many reasons. Last week, one receptionist. Friday, receptionist #2. One of the guys’ wife got a great job so he wants to quit so he can go to culinary school, and as soon as they pay their IRS bill, one of the other ladies is quitting to spend more time with her grown kids and grandkids. The only one with no plans to leave is Queen Bully Bitch, but if she’s late one more time she’s getting suspended for a day. And so, this is what I want to say to (what’s left of) my terrible coworkers when it’s finally my turn to quit, right before I walk out the door:

...and the horse you rode in on.

On a completely different note, I have selected the 5K I want to be my first back on the road: the Doggie Dash, which supports a local Humane Society. I’m also planning on doing a “virtual 5K” in July, mainly because it’s on a Sunday and I don’t want to get in trouble for asking for too many Saturdays off.


You know what would be neat? If I could run a half-marathon in the future. Just go out there and run like a little snailio until I make it over the finish line. It’d probably take me about three hours, but I’d be able to say I did it.